Making the World Beautiful One Yard at a Time Through Creative Landscaping Company

Painters look at a blank canvas and in their minds eye see a masterpiece. A sculptor sees a slab of granite and chisels until he creates a statue of breath-taking beauty. A composer hears a melody in his head and puts it to paper for the musician to orchestrate. An artist in his own right, the landscaping contractor studies the lay of land, and not unlike the painter, adds his own unique components — trees, plants and water features and like the sculpture, out of nothing creates his version of a masterpiece. Now this masterpiece may just be a landscaped home, a beautiful garden or an outdoor place for entertaining family and friends.

Many people enjoy puttering around in their yards and tending to plants and watching gardens thrive. However, most people don’t have the time to tend to them because of work and family commitments. Also many people would enjoy having a beautiful garden or water feature but have no idea how to care for them. This is where consulting a landscaping company is beneficial. A landscape contractor loves to help people bring their ideas and plans to fruition, and they have the expertise, knowledge and training to nurture it along.


Many landscaping companies will have on staff landscape architects and landscape designers. Landscape architects tend to plan and design large scale projects such as public parks, airports, college campuses and office parks to name some. Some specialize in reclaiming old mines or landfills to wilderness areas. Still others focus on preparing environmental impact statements and audits to acting as expert witnesses regarding land use litigation. Landscape design bridges the gap between garden design and landscape architecture. Landscape designers draw up plans either free-hand or through the use of CAD programs, select the proper plants, shrubs and trees for the geographical zone, create project estimates, and act as foreman on site. Many nurseries offer walk-in consultations with landscape designers on staff. Clients may bring pictures or pull up the images of their yard on their phone or iPad, and the designer will offer solutions, planting ideas or even provide a sketch with design ideas.

A landscaping company may also provide many other services in addition to that of landscape design. Many deliver and spread mulch, perform spring cleanup of gardens and landscaping beds, pruning and tree trimming, and land clearing. Some are skilled in building decks and hardscaping projects such as patios, walkways and fire pits. Beautiful terraces and garden walls are often just a phone call away.


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